Internal training in institution

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The goal of training is the implementation of changes in human behaviour or thinking. The training is also an important source of motivation for employees.

The internal training in institution is completed always as a tailor`s work, proceeding from previously mapped situation and set goals.

Target group: all institutions where cleaning takes place – enterprises offering cleaning service, enterprises carrying out special cleaning works, self-cleaning enterprises, cleaning service buyers, sellers of cleaning utensils

Eesmärk: implementing changes in human behaviour and/or thinking

Contenent of training: becomes obvious from previous mapping or audit, observing the cleaning process

Trainers: all our trianers are specialists with long-term experience and have both professional and pedagogical preparation

Working language: Estonian, Russian, Finnish, English

Location: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finalnd, Russia

The suggested parts of internal training in institution are:
  • Pre-audit - for finding out as exact as possible need of training
  • Training -  theory interchanges with practical learning
  • Post-audit - to control application of what has been learned in training in practice (report)

Ask boldly for offer proceeding from your needs!