Audit of cleaning works

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The audit of cleaning works observes the cleaning process as a whole, evaluating the organisation of cleaning works and the process of execution for achieving the desirable goal.

Target group: all institutions where cleaning takes place – enterprises  offering cleaning service, enterprises carrying out special cleaning works, self-cleaning enterprises, cleaning service buyers

Goal: to map the present situation of cleaning, development possibilities and possibilities of changing the cleaning works more effective

Course of process:
  • it is analysed the basic documents of carrying out service (contract, work instructions and the like)
  • it is found out the bottlenecks of cleaning and the reasons of their origination by observing the work of cleaning personnel
  • one makes to the executor (also the client, if needed) concrete proposals for changing the works more productive

One draws up a written report where are brought out observations and suggestions proceeding from the goal.

Order the audit and value thereby cleaning costs!