The supervision of cleaning works

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The independent supervision of cleaning works helps to ensure the productive and sustainable implementation of already applied and planned changes in practice.

Target group:
  • enterprises offering cleaning service, enterprises   
  • executing special cleaning works, self-cleaning    
  • enterprises, cleaning service buyers


  • to ensure economical and productive carrying out of   cleaning works according to the agreed cleaning levels
  • to raise the client`s satisfaction with the offered service
  • to prolong the usage of the object through maintenance cleaning of high quality, raising the life of surface coatings and diminishing the need of carrying out special cleaning works

Accompanying activities:

  • supervision and feedback on carrying out cleaning works (the written report)
  • evaluation on the result of cleaning works (the written report)
  • the practical instruction of cleaning servicemen at the object
  • instructing new workers
  • advising the client in questions connected with cleaning works (what? with what? how often? how? with which utensils, substances? etc.)

Independent supervision helps to change your cleaning investments more productive!