Measuring real working time

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The real working time is of critical importance in terms of cleaning success. At the same time is the working time also in case of the smallest salary the largest cost of cleaning service. It is not possible to determine the working time only on the basis of square meters, because the real working time is influenced by very many different factors (for example: surface coatings, furnishing, passability, purpose of room etc.).

Goal of measurement:

  • to find out the real need for labour
  • to get an overview how much time is needed for what and according to this to define the real working loads and the pay connected with that To simplify the management of cleaning works
  • to find the most economical cleaning way for the given object
  • to avoid doing senseless works and to spare from that in compensating

The measurement is carried out proceeding from cleaning standards with the software Siimi of calculating the time and costs of cleaning works.

Course of process:
  • it is mapped the cleaned surfaces
  • it is drawn up the cleaning standards together with suitable methods, substances and utensils
  • it is specified the frequency of cleaning in cooperation with the client

As the result of work are completed:
  • the cleaning standards of rooms, conception (on paper and/or electronically) that can be used also as working instructions of cleaning servicemen
  • the real cleaning time becomes obvious
  • the cleaning times per certain areas (e.g.: time for the cleaning of one room)

The working time proceeding from reality is a precondition in creating cleanness! Ask for offer!