Quality control/ Measuring cleanness

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Controlling is an essential process for ensuring permanent quality to give an evaluation on achieved cleanness. It is important to carry out controls also when there are no problems so that control does not become a punishment action but would be the tool of permanent quality ensuring.  


  • evaluation on achieved cleanness, comparing with the agreed result
  • mapping improvement proposals – what to do in order to change the given situation proceeding from the agreed goal

Possible content:
  • quality control according to the previously agreed way
  • report on results together with possible suggestions for improving the situation

Benefit of given process:
  • executing independent and objective quality control by the competent consultants
  • ensuring permanent quality with the regular quality control and avoiding interchange of rises and falls
  • optimization of cleaning proceeding from suggestions and thereby possible saving of costs

Ask advice boldly for agreeing principles of measuring cleanness or in evaluating cleanness.