Drawing up and advising cleaning procurements

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Cleanness is something that is often hard to define and describe.
Do we buy activities (floor cleaning) or result (clean floor)? As it is harder to describe the desirable result, one is limited to the list and frequency of activities mostly.

What and how to evaluate in case of offers? The price? The quality? What else? If to evaluate something else besides the price, then what? How? Why? The solution is simple – one must write down namely what is needed and in the language of result or what kind of cleanness is needed. To control later, whether what was promised has been achieved. If these conditions are fulfilled, have been created preconditions for being satisfied with the service.

  • to define the need of cleaning and to map the situation in procurement
  • according to the client`s needs to draw up the technical description of cleaning service and the evaluation criteria
  • carrying out the procurement proceeding from the need

  • mapping client`s needs, audit in real environment, if possible  
  • elaborating technical description of cleaning service
  • evaluation on real working time necessary for doing works
  • elaborating possible evaluation criteria

  • carrying out of optimal cleaning procurement, as a result of what becomes obvious capable cooperation partner

We help to map your needs and to draw up the necessary cleaning technical documentation!