Cleaning Trainings

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The goal of the training is to implement changes in human behaviour or thinking. It is important to map previously the implementation of which changes the training should contribute to in order to meet your expectations. In complete applying of changes one cannot rely on the training only, the continuous subsequent supervision or the management of changes is important. At the same time, implementing changes without training is almost impossible – the training is an essential source of motivation for the employees.

We conduct in the institution on the spot cleaning trainings according to the customer`s wishes. In addition to that are on offer trainings in the public training calendar.

The goal:

  • Contribution to implementing changes
  • Raising awareness about cleaning, thereby optimizing cleaning works

The possible content:
  • According to the agreement or declared program or relying on the audit results

Benefit from the given process:
  • By more conscious cleaning is possible to achieve the desired cleanliness with smaller resources