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How standards solve problems?

Personal knowledge
1) occupational qualification standards

EQF level 3 (cleaner) - In Estonia and Italy competence based qualification. Estonia and Finland have agreement for recognizing each other certificates: Estonian, cleaner EQF 3 = Finnish facility management (Kiinteistöpalvelujen perustutkinto), part 4.3.1 regular maintenance cleaning
EQF level 4 (cleaner) - occupational exams in Finland, Estonia, Hungary, Norway
EQF level 5 (supervisor) - Estonia, Italy and Finland have competence based qualification. In Italy there is also a competence-based specialization focused on Health Care.
EQF level 6 (supervisor) - bachelor training in Finland and Hungary. In Estonia this level training and assessment includes in facility management

2) „own systems“:
Holland has well-functioning cleaners training and exam systems- run by RAS (Raad voor Arbeidsverhoudingen Schoonmaak)
Local training systems for cleaners, for instance Sweden, Italy, Poland