Standards in Hungary

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Cleaning quality: system for establishing and assessing cleaning quality
Number of standard MSZ EN 13549: 2004

System, how to agree cleaning outcome between costumer and contract cleaning, system is possible to use also in-house cleaning.
Standard is about regular cleaning and possible to use everywhere- houses, busses, trains etc

Standard is established in Hungary in 2004, now it’s official standard.

There are only few good practices in Hungary, where this standard is used completely

Eco-friendly cleaning technology trade-mark and rating system
Number of standard KT64

It defines the principles of eco-friendly service and its measurable parameters. Companies may apply for a certain facility’s trade mark. Qualified facilities are to be checked random by experts of MATISZ.

It was established in 2014, the first qualifications will be at the end of 2014

Directive for data requirements
Number of standard MATISZ IR001: 2011

It defines data and data system, which has to be given mandatory by client to request for cleaning quote.

It was established in 2011, many principals are using it. MATISZ experts work also with this system when they are consultant at public procurement.

Directive for Main Table
Number of standard MATISZ IR002: 2011

Determining resource needs and the pricing process.

It was established in 2011. It determinants public procurement in cleaning.

Directive for qualification

Number of standard: MATISZ IR003: 2013

It defines the Hungarian cleaning career model.

It was established in 2013, and it is yearly reviewed and modified according to the state regulations.