Standards in Finland

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Cleaning Quality. Measuring System for Assessment and Rating of Cleaning Quality (INSTA 800:2010)
Number of Standard: SFS 5994

System, how to agree cleaning outcome between costumer and contract cleaning, system is possible to use also in-house cleaning.
Standard is about regular cleaning and possible to use everywhere- houses, buses, trains etc.

Standard is established in Scandinavian country 2000, now it’s official standard in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Finland. Owned by Danish Standardisation authorities.

The standard is used in many organizations in Finland, but many have still also their own systems.

Vocabulary of cleaning industry
Number of Standard: SFS 5967

It’s terminology about cleaning. There are almost 300 terms, with explanations and/ or drawings.

In professional exams is demand to use professional terminology based in standard.  Cleaning teachers use this vocabulary actively and also the companies want to use these terms more and more.

Dimensioning cleaning work

Standards tell how much time the cleaners need in different methods. Times are based on independent work studies and the first standards were made in 1972. The methods of dimensioning have been developed much after that. In Finland is also dimensioning for property maintenance. 

Most of the cleaning companies use the standards in calculating the time.

Clean Card

The quality certificate for management and sustainable development for cleaning organizations.
The first Clean Card was given in 2008 and now there are only 10 companies which have the certificate.

ISO 9001:2008

Number of Standard: SFS-EN ISO 9001

Quality management systems and requirements.
Quite generally the quality management in the cleaning organizations is based on ISO 9001, but only some organizations have certified the system.

ISO 14001

Number of Standard: SFS-EN ISO 14001

The criteria for an environmental management system

Quite generally the environmental management in the cleaning organizations is based on ISO 14001, but only some organizations have certified the system.

The Nordic Ecolabel

The label shows that the product is a good environmental choice.

Products fulfil certain criteria. The label is usually valid three years and then it must be reapplied.
The swan label is very popular in Finland. Most of the cleaning organizations demand that the cleaning chemicals and often also equipment must have the label.