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   Helge Alt   
   Tel.: +372 509 2094 
   E-mail: Helge@puhastusekspert.ee

•Tallinn Pedagogical University (today Tallinn University) cum laude teacher of home economics, handicraft, drawing, chemistry
•University of Tartu master of sciences of pedagogy
•Andragogy vocation 4
•Self-developments in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, England, Holland, Italy etc.
•Issued in Denmark certificates of level 3 and 4 knowledge of the standard INSTA 800 (in Estonia EVS 914:2012) of agreeing and evaluating cleaning works quality.
In 1993, after graduating, was looking for work as a handicraft teacher. Commenced work in Väike-Maarja Learning Centre, had to teach besides the handicraft many other subjects, among them was also the cleaning. For the time being the 40 hours of teaching the cleaning seemed endlessly long and senseless. In October 1993, as a young teacher got into advanced training of home economics teachers where the Finnish home economics teachers tried to explain what does the professional cleaning service mean. That did become fatal – came the understanding that very small tricks could make the cleaning pleasant and easy activity. By today has 20 years of experience in the sphere of cleaning as a training provider and a consultant. During 20 years has accumulated many interesting challenges and pleasant experiences as an independent training provider and a consultant in the sphere of cleaning.   
•Since 2003 the chairman of vocational commission of cleaning service
•Has been the leader of drawing up the standards “Vocabulary standard EVS 900:2008 of the sphere of cleaning“ and “Agreeing and evaluating the cleaning quality EVS 914:2012“
•Has participated in drawing up the national curriculums of the sphere of home economics
•Has been the author or reviewer of several books on the sphere of cleaning, has published many articles on cleaning, one of the authors of the first Estonian instructional film on the sphere of cleaning
•Has participated in several international seminars of the sphere in Estonia, Russia, Latvia, Poland, Holland etc.