Cleaning has a big role in the life cycle of real estate – 15 to 30% of the property maintenance budget is spent on cleaning. A lot depends on the cleanliness of the premises – the health and work ability of the people working there, the customers’ assessment, the preservation of flooring materials, etc. Much more depends on cleanliness than we can imagine.

  • How clean is clean? How clean should different rooms be?
  • How to measure cleanliness and whether the agreed level of cleanliness has been achieved?
  • How much does it actually take time to clean?
  • How to get the kind of cleaning service that you really need? How to differentiate between different service providers?
  • If and what to measure besides price when evaluating offers?
  • What can be done to achieve the desired level of cleanliness with reasonable resources?
  • What accessories and machinery should be bought? Which ones are right for us?
  • Is it possible to save on cleaning costs and at what expense?

If you have thought about any of these questions and there is no answer, we are ready to help you. We have various services to offer you to achieve exactly the results you need.