Audit – determination of development opportunities for cleaning

The cleaning audit is just like a diagnosis, which creates a precondition for effective and fast treatment.

During the audit, we look at the following and many other issues:

  • Do existing cleaning supplies, materials and machines allow to achieve the desired result? Cleaning requires little but this needs to be right for the objective – which equipment is right?
  • If, what, why and how to change?

Experience shows that solutions are simple, and the benefits can be great! The consumers of the service have been companies that perform cleaning themselves, cleaning service providers and also customers.

Process flow:

  • We monitor the actual cleaning process of the object;
  • We find out the bottlenecks in cleaning and the reasons for their occurrence;
  • If necessary, we perform surface cleanliness measurements using objective methods;
  • If necessary, we analyse documentation (quality criteria, cleaning service outsourcing agreement, work instructions, etc.);
  • We prepare a written report and make specific proposals to make the work more effective.

We help to achieve the desired cleanliness efficiently and at a reasonable cost.

Possible follow-up activities:

  • Preparation of a cleaning concept;
  • Determination of labour needs;
  • Staff training/instruction;
  • Cleaning supervision;
  • Quality control;
  • Cleaning procurement consultancy;
  • Follow-up audit – feedback on changes.

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