Measurement of real working time

Real working time is critical to successful cleaning. At the same time, working time is the highest cost of cleaning even at the lowest level of salary. It is not possible to determine the working time on the basis of just square metres, as it is influences by many different factors (for example: flooring materials, furniture, level of cleanliness, purpose of the room, etc.).

Purpose of measurement:

  • Determine real labour needs;
  • Get an overview of how much time is spent and on what to determine the real workloads and related salaries;
  • Simplify the management of cleaning;
  • Find the most economical way of cleaning to clean the site;
  • Avoid pointless work and, as a result, save on paying excessive fees.

Process flow:

  • The surfaces to be cleaned are mapped;
  • Cleaning standards shall be established with appropriate methods, substances and accessories;
  • In cooperation with the Customer, the cleaning frequencies will be specified.

As a result:

  • Room cleaning standards with working time;
  • Concept (in writing and/or electronically) that can also be used as cleaning service manuals;
  • The actual cleaning time is determined both as a whole and, for example based on one room.

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