Siret Raid

General Manager

Education, trainings

  • Mainor School of Economics, special education in Business Administration
  • Bachelor’s degree as a Finnish language teacher from the Tallinn University
  • Master of Social Sciences in Organisational Behaviour from the Tallinn University
  • Professional (level 6) holistic regression therapist (Institute of Holistics)
  • 18 years of in-service training in the field of cleaning
  • Cleaner – instructor level 4
  • Level 3 of knowledge of the INSTA 800 (EVS 914:2020 in Estonia) standard for agreeing the quality of cleaning and its evaluation


  • Active in the field of cleaning since 2002
  • Participated in professional cleaning service committees as an examiner
  • Participated in the preparation of the standard “Vocabulary standard EVS 900:2008 for the field of cleaning”
  • Contributed to the field of cleaning by working for 18 years in the wholesale company of cleaning supplies, substances and machinery named Puhastusimport
  • Been the leader of the trade fair seminar Cleaning Day
  • Participated in the Erasmus project “Cost Effective, Need Based Cleaning – INSTA800”


  • Estonian
  • Russian
  • Finnish