E-book: Handbook on Cleaning


Cleaning services are wellbeing services: it simply feels good to be in a clean room. Adequate cleanliness boosts people’s work efficiency and helps them succeed in their principal activities. For example, in healthcare facilities, people’s lives can depend on cleanliness and the ways in which it is achieved.

Our team at Puhastusekspert has studied in several countries for decades to be able to implement the very best practices in Estonia. We have carried out training and developed cleaning in other countries. Experience shows that the main issues are the same regardless of location. Increasingly, awareness is essential to achieve the desired cleanliness through optimal action.

This book covers the basic topics you should know about cleaning and how to manage it. It serves as a handbook for cleaning managers in their daily work, as teaching material for in-house training as well as for independent studying and self-training.

We believe that deliberate cleaning creates value for the people using the rooms and increases the efficiency of the hours spent cleaning. We hope our handbook will help you make more informed choices when cleaning and clean like a pro.

E-book has 168 pages.

Publisher: Puhastusekspert OÜ
Published: December 2023


  • Why Should You Clean?
  • Water
  • Cleaning Chemicals
  • Surface Covering Materials
  • Specialised Cleaning
  • Types of Cleaning
  • Cleaning Methods
  • Manual Cleaning Equipment
  • Cleaning Machines
  • Cleaning Different Rooms
  • Work Planning
  • Ergonomics
  • Measuring Cleaning Productivity
  • Quality of Cleaning
  • Personal Protective Equipment

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