About us

Puhastusekspert is an Estonian company with international experience which was established in 1998. It offers high-level independent cleaning advice in organising cleaning both using own staff and when outsourcing cleaning services.

The aim of our activities is to increase the efficiency of cleaning work by helping to implement sustainable cleaning methods. In our work we focus on the principle that every cleaning activity would take away as much impurity as possible and that the work would be easy and effective. The ability to use suitable accessories, machines, substances and cleaning methods according to the specifics of the impurity and the coating material are important to this end.

Our services:

  • cleaning audit to help map potential ways for more efficient cleaning;
  • training (also in-house training);
  • consultations;
  • quality control of cleaning works according to the standards used (INSTA 800, APPA), incl. measurement of cleanliness with various measuring instruments;
  • measurement of real working time;
  • procurement consultancy for cleaning services;
  • creation of cleaning concepts;
  • cleaning supervision.

Our trainer-consultants have long-term experience and they have complemented their knowledge in Finland, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Norway, the USA and so on.
We have shared our experiences at international seminars in Russia, Finland, Latvia, the Netherlands, Poland and Hungary.
In addition to providing training and consultation to Estonian companies, we have also conducted trainings and consultations in Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Finland. Our working languages are Estonian, Russian, English and Finnish. More than 17,000 people have participated in various trainings.

We help to achieve the desired cleanliness with efficient and economical cleaning!


We inspire everyone to consciously create a cleaner world!

Our values


  • Reliability – we share knowledge based on scientific sources and practical experience in the field of cleaning.
  • Value creation – knowledgeable and results-based cleaning to create a more sustainable living environment, maintain health and improve the quality of life.
  • Friendly – we value deep understanding, honesty and a twinkle in the eye in human relationships, supported by a sense of humour.
  • Inspiration – believing in a cleaner world, we inspire others through our experiences and actions.
  • Open – we keep our minds open to innovative possibilities and we are the key to opening new doors in the world of cleaning.

Our operating principles


  • We believe in lifelong learning and that the learning process helps people to develop, improve their lives and make them more interesting.
  • In our activities, we take into account the specifics and needs of our cooperation partner(s) and value in our relations the principle that what comes from the heart, goes to the heart. We accept ourselves, others and situations as they are.
  • Cleanliness around oneself is perceived as well-being and dirt as unpleasant. The desire for cleanliness is a human need. We believe that the creation of cleanliness is expressed in wholeness, balance, contentment, simplicity and harmony.
  • We are grateful for everything life has to offer. We look at different situations as lessons, dream of a bright future and enjoy the current process in the moment.
  • We believe that a cleaner is the creator of cleanliness, well-being and a healthy environment – we only notice the importance of these values when they are no longer there.
  • We follow the principle that cleanliness is created through performance-based cleaning, which aims to achieve the agreed level of cleanliness. It is important to be aware of how and what kind of dirt to remove, not to clean and leave the area dirty – this is how we avoid pointless work.
  • We value time. We offer knowledge and skills that make it easier to remove the maximum amount of dirt in a minimum amount of time. The time saved allows you to focus on your core business and enjoy life.