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Tiina Välb
training provider
Tel.: +372 5689 6310
E-mail: Tiina@puhastusekspert.ee

•    Mõdriku agricultural technical school, Accountant Economist
•    Lääne-Virumaa Vocational College, applied higher education – speciality of accountant
•    Cleaning attendant vocational level 1
•    Cleaning attendant vocational level 2
•    Cleaning manager vocational level 3
•    Adult training provider, level 6
•    Has participated in the Leonardo da Vinci lifelong learning programme
•    Self-developments in Denmark, Germany, England, Holland

In 2007 decided to establish with a good acquaintance a cleaning enterprise. As cleaning seemed so simple area, the enterprise was started immediately. When commencing the work it became evident that cleaning is much more difficult and diverse than it seemed to be by looking from aside.  
In 2008 got into Tartu unemployed retraining course conducted by the enterprise OÜ Puhastusekspert. From there she got a completely new vision about cleaning. The most important thing she learned in training was that she knew nothing of cleaning until then, she had enjoyed the process of cleaning simply, without thinking what and why am I doing. The course and its conductors Rita, Kai, Arnis, Ivar and Helge were able to change the cleaning much simpler and the ladder, on which she has climbed, has gone ever higher year-by-year. She is still discovering that cleaning is a real science and the field of work is very wide as usual.
In 2009, when commencing the work with Puhastusekspert, the need to improve the world became decisive. Cleaning is as important activity as eating right.
Institutions connected with children – kindergartens, schools, sport halls, hobby schools etc. – have become the speciality. She is through her four children well informed of the daily life there and thus can know the cleaning possibilities in there and give ideas for the better functioning of these institutions.
Cleaning and teaching of it is unbelievably captivating and pleasant activity.