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HIT - (Hospital cleaners Innovative Training)

This project is aimed at creating innovative tools proposing a new approach as far as training is concerned, facilitating the access to training for every cleaner working in health care facilities. We are willing to promote work-place learning in companies by providing a flexible and permeable pathways.

This project focuses on competencies via high standards and proper qualifications.

We aim to:

  • upgrade cooperation , professional standards and qualifications by exploring a new cooperation paths insuring well-trained cleaners/VET learners that adequately fill the skill’s gap.
  • enhance the quality and relevance of the learning offer, developing new and innovative approaches and tools and support the dissemination of best practices within the health care industry.
  • raise the awareness of the importance of cleaners’role in the hygiene chain
  • enhance the competencies and knowledge of cleaners (as well as VET learners)

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Project partners: 
  • GIP-FCIP de l’académie de Caen (silent partners : Flers  training centre and Flers hospital).
  • JÄRVAMAA  KUTSEHARIDUSKESKUS (silent partner : Järva County hospital)
  • SKIVE TEKNISKE SKOLE (silent partner : Randers hospital)
  • KOUVOLAN KAUPUNKI (City of Kouvola)