Outcome – Ergonomics Cleaning Videos

Puhastusekspert is a leading partner in the international Erasmus+ project “Cleaning Ergonomics – to Prevent Occupational Diseases and Accidents”.

As part of the project, 20 educational videos were created on how to teach cleaners ergonomics. These videos show exactly how different cleaning activities can cause stress and strain on the body and increase the risk of an accident at work. The videos show work practices that stress and damage the body, and alternative movements that do not stress or damage the body as much during cleaning activities. The videos cover both physical and mental factors.


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Impact of soil and desired cleanliness on working time

Puhastusekspert has been leading the Erasmus+ cooperation project ‘Cost Effective, Need Based Cleaning INSTA800’ for three years. The aim of the project is to exchange experiences between the seven countries that adhere to INSTA800 and to jointly prepare new materials to implement needs-based cleaning.

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Different ways to destroy micro-organisms when cleaning

At the beginning of March, Tuula Suontamo, PhD, held a training course on ‘Cleaning in light of the latest research results’ where she introduced the results of two major studies and the most effective ways to kill micro-organisms. The following gives a brief overview of the different methods of eliminating micro-organisms used in the cleaning industry in Europe today.

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12 fascinating facts about cleaning based on scientific studies

We recently held a training course featuring Tuula Suontamo, a true professional in her field with a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Jyväskylä in Finland and extensive experience in conducting studies on the cleaning of surfaces and putting study results into practice.

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