I participated in the training “Retraining to be a Cleaning Manager (EstQF level 5)” and was very satisfied with the training. I have learned a lot of new techniques in my work and the acquired skills in choosing cleaning products have been very helpful. I have already advised my loved ones on the topic of cleaning products and helped to choose both cleaning supplies and cloths. I have also discovered favourite accessories that I had no idea of existing before and the same is true for tools. In addition, I have met several good new friends from the training, with whom we still communicate outside the training and from whom I ask for advice if necessary.

Monica TaltsParticipant in the training

SOL serves its customers all over the Baltics and this is why I am able to compare the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian cleaning markets. I dare say that Latvia is about 5 years behind Estonia and Lithuania about ten. This is in terms of cleaning methodology, training and also the business culture of the cleaning field. Estonia would be as far as the others, but Estonia has been lucky. Because it was in our country that Helge Alt was born and with her also Puhastusekspert. Under their leadership, the Estonian cleaning industry has developed to a very high level in Estonia. As a leader in the business culture of the field, they are certainly “guilty” of professional cleaning becoming a natural part of all branches of business. Quality assessment and measurement has become framed in the form of implementing INSTA 800. Trainings are comprehensive, this is so precisely because you are explained of why to do something, not just how to do it.

Personally, I appreciate most the passionate attitude that Puhastusekspert has in the field of cleaning. While many companies simply want to sell their product, then Puhastusekspert always thoroughly investigates whether it is wise for their customer to use that product. Be it complex work, training or audit, SOL really likes the sensible attitude of the whole team and being really grounded in what they do.

Rinel PiusSOL Baltics

Cooperation with Puhastusekspert OÜ started in 2010. Initially, we received consultations and training in cleaning from them, we moved step-by-step forward in providing cleaning services – we got acquainted with the mop cleaning machine and the cleaning system with pre-moistened cleaning textiles, we got to know microfiber cloths and how to use them. It all came with a lot of work and effort at the beginning, because the basics of the Stone Age when one would use a bucket and an old rag were very much instilled in us and this was difficult to let go.

Thanks to the help and great support of the professionals at Puhastusekspert, our awareness is now at a very good level.

Cooperation became closer with the arrival of new trains – we have asked them to perform cleaning audits, cleaning time measurements, quality controls and have received a lot of instructive advice and recommendations.

Since 2015, we made it official and signed a cooperation agreement based on the INSTA quality standard. At the moment, we are very satisfied with the service offered, we especially appreciate the ability of Puhastusekspert OÜ to respond quickly to our concerns, answer questions and find a solution to various situations. We dare to say that we have taken a very big step in cleaning, this is thanks to the support of the professionals at Puhastusekspert.

Kati TammjärvAS Eesti Liinirongid

The Latvian Association of Professional Cleaning and Property Management has been cooperating with the company Puhastusekspert since 2014, when a delegation of our Association got the opportunity to get acquainted with Estonia’s experience and skills in the field of cleaning services for the first time. This is where our cooperation with Puhastusekspert began, the staff of which has organised and been evaluators at national professional competitions in the field of cleaning services in Latvia. We have jointly organised several seminars on the INSTA 800 standard for both beginners and advanced learners.

Jānis Ozoliņš, PhDProfessional Cleaning and Facility Management Association of Latvia

I am very grateful to Puhastusekspert OÜ for the wonderful work that they make in ensuring a cleaner environment. We have been constantly worried about the insufficient quality of cleaning in our company, but we have not been able to do anything to improve it. Only now, after their training and audit in the real situation, did my eyes open and I realise how wrong we have done everything so far and I have also understood what we can do to change the situation.


The Road Administration has already used the INSTA 800 platform to form the basis for procuring cleaning services. In my work, which also includes participating in the quality control of cleaning, I was convinced of INSTA providing a clear dimension between the customer and the contractor to understand things in the same way. The customer receives the service that corresponds to the desired quality profile and the contractor knows exactly what the result is they need to achieve. Because as they say – beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder, but INSTA helps to avoid meaningless disputes on the topic. In the past, I have seen from a practical viewpoint that the level of cleaning service has improved since the implementation of INSTA. At the initiative of the employer, I was directed to an INSTA theory training. Honestly, I came to the training with a little prejudice and rather from a professional need to just “do it”, but in the end I felt that I had at least broadened my horizons in the field, gained new knowledge and met nice people! The training was conducted very professionally by Puhastusekspert OÜ!

Anti AaremaaEstonian Road Administration

AS Järvamaa Haigla has been provided with invaluable experience and efficiency in the development of a modern cleaning process for a healthcare institution by cooperating with the professionals at Puhastusekspert. By thinking and acting based on evidence, we have been able to increase patient safety and the quality of healthcare in the process of preventing the spread of nosocomial infections.

In cooperation of AS Järvamaa Haigla and Puhastusekspert OÜ, a new cleaning concept was created for Järvamaa Hospital, new cleaning principles were created, and a cleaning monitoring system based on the INSTA800 standard was implemented for agreeing on the quality of cleaning and evaluating it. These new bases have required us to buy completely new accessories, set up a modern cleaning centre and we have conducted first trainings on the standard. If we think about cleaning “before” and now, a lot has changed – a much more economical way of cleaning has been created and the result is so much better than before. We had to invest in the whole system initially, but today we can say that it has been a very profitable investment in the quality of healthcare!

Maire RaidvereJärvamaa Hospital

Different trainings taught by Puhastusekspert gave me the knowledge and guidance on which I have created my home cleaning business. I recommend Puhastusekspert to all those who want to become a professional starting with a basic knowledge of cleaning, to gain confidence and acquire the right work techniques in the process.

If you know how to clean wisely, you will protect yourself and the nature with the results also being satisfying for both yourself and the customer.
I can say that learning at Puhastusekspert is a smart investment in your own skills and your future.

Jane ArumäeAlumna of Puhastusekspert trainings