Preparation of cleaning procurements

Cleanliness is something that is often difficult to define and describe. Do we outsource activities (floor cleaning) or the result of the activity (clean floor)? As the desired result is more difficult to describe, then the description is usually limited to the list and frequency of activities.

What and how to evaluate in bids? Is there anything else to evaluate besides cost and quality? How to find these criteria and why are they necessary?

The solution is simple – you have to write down exactly what is needed and do it in the language of the result, i.e. what kind of cleanliness is needed. Check later if the promises have been met. If these conditions are met, the preconditions for satisfaction with the service are also created.


  • Identify the need for cleaning and map the situation in the procurement;
  • Prepare a technical description of the cleaning service and the evaluation criteria according to the needs of the customer;
  • Perform a procurement based on needs.

Possible content:

  • Mapping out the customer’s needs, if possible an audit in a real environment;
  • Development of quality profiles – what level of cleanliness the premises must have;
  • Development of a technical description of the cleaning service;
  • Estimate of the actual working time required to perform the work;
  • Development of possible evaluation criteria.

Benefits of the process:

  • Performance of an optimal cleaning procurement, as a result of which a competent cooperation partner is identified.